Pecorino stagionato foglie di ulivo

Pecorino stagionato foglie di ulivo

Cheese seasoned in olive leaves


The Pecorino Foglie Ulivo is a white curd cheese, not very hard in consistency and with a lovable flavour.

Its peculiarity is in the ripening process, in a jar with olive tree branches. The result is a delicately flavoured cheese, with olive scents that literally melts in your mouth.

This cheese is also excellent when combined with honey, which exalts the flavour, but also paired with dried or fresh fruit compotes.

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Nutritional values
Average values per 100 g of product
Energy Value
Kj 1.831 / Kcal 441
35 g
of which: Saturated Fatty Acids
24 g
> 0.10 g
of which sugars
> 0.10 g
32 g
2.37 g

in frigo da +2° a + 6°C per un massimo di 9 mesi - Forma intera

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