Fiocco di neve

primo sale

A fresh and creamy cheese


"Fiocco di neve" is a creamy fresh cheese made exclusively from goat's milk and vegetable rennet.
Marketed in small-sized tomini, this goat has a delicate taste with a light goat scent and a soft consistency. It is a totally natural product and suitable even for the little ones. It has a low fat content thanks to the absence of cow's milk. It can be consumed spread on a slice of bread or seasoned with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, pepper and aromas at will.

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Nutritional values
Average values per 100 g of product
Energy Value
kj 1443 / kcal 348
29,03 g
of which: Saturated Fatty Acids
20,54 g
3,18 g
of which sugars
3,18 g
18,54 g
1,0 g

in frigo da +0° a + 4°C per un massimo di 10 giorni

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