History of Caseificio Val D'Apsa

A wonderful journey of exploration of the Casula family's cheese-making tradition

A 40-year love story with the hills of Urbino and the Marche region

Milk History

The history of our Caseificio Val d'Apsa is a history of passion for what we do, love of our home area and respect for tradition in the production of high quality sheep and mixed milk cheeses. The Casula family, heir to the cheese-making tradition in Sardinia, where our family originated, has been combining meticulous historical knowledge with innovative techniques to produce the historic cheeses of the Urbino area ever since 1977.


Casula Family

Since then our dairy has been based in a renovated traditional Montefeltro area farmhouse, still the centre of our cheese-making operations today. Over the years, thanks to a relentless focus on quality, we have gained recognition at local and national levels before successfully expanding onto the international market with a series of simple, genuine, original products. While working in strict accordance with tradition, we are continually developing and testing innovative products, tailored to the tastes of new generations of consumers.

Our company only processes Italian milk, most of it local, from which we make unique, choice cheeses, with the care of master-dairymen. In the 1990s the Casula family decided to broaden its horizons by acquiring a new facility in a strategic location for Italian sheep milk: Maremma. This inspired idea by Bartolomeo Casula led to the creation of the Fattorie di Maremma dairy at San Lorenzo Nuovo, near Viterbo.

We are building the future on deep roots.

Andrea and Eleonora Casula

A history of shared passion has bound us together for forty years. In 2017 we celebrated our 40th birthday, a milestone that for us is simply a sign of continuity, because we see our work as a shared project open to the future, dedicated to protecting nature, to offer good, health foods with the commitment and intensity of a moral pleasure.

Storia Famiglia Oggi

Storia Gruppo Caseificio Val D'Apsa

To seal this long history of common passion, in 2021 the Caseificio Val d’Apsa and Fattorie di Maremma merged, giving life to a single great quality production company, the Val d’Apsa Group.

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