Guided tours and tasting workshops


In Val d'Apsa we are very proud of our family's dairy tradition.


T his is why we like our customers and friends to stand up against the care we take in choosing quality raw materials and the dedication we devote to the processing of our cheeses every day. This is the reason why we decided to organize visits inside the dairy, in the rooms where the various processing stages are organized. During the visit, guests can touch all the "secrets" of our products.


The route, led by one of our qualified staff who will illustrate all the steps, unfolds in various environments: cheese and ricotta production, finished products, maturation and packaging cells.


In compliance with the strictest hygiene measures the visitor will be provided with a special kit that includes: gown, cap, shoe covers and disposable mask. The guided tour, with reservation only, lasts about an hour and a half and can also be requested by small groups. For foreigners, the visit will be illustrated in English.


In addition to the guided tour, it will be possible to participate, upon request, in a laboratory where guests will be introduced to sensory olfactory analysis techniques and will be able to taste the cheese cheeses paired with wines and other local products.


For informations write us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call to +39 0722/52187