"I Creativi", always new, even in look


In view of the great success of this innovative line of cheeses, particularly suitable for aperitifs and very popular with young people, at Val d'Apsa we decided that the time had come to "freshen up" the line's image a little.

We therefore decided to commission the “dmp concept” agency of Senigallia to design and develop new labels and new packaging for all our "I Creativi" cheeses.

No fewer than eleven rich, creamy, flavoured cheeses, with the addition of a wide variety of natural ingredients, some of them really original.

"I Creativi" now feature a new label, with bands on the sides embracing the cheese, with an elegant, prestige pack also suitable for gift presentation.

The front of the new packaging illustrates the cheese, highlighting the key ingredient (pistachio nuts, almonds, candied fruit, truffles...).

A short text on the left-hand side presents the "I Creativi" line, while the right-hand side suggests combinations with wines or other dishes.

Both sides are coloured entirely with shades which immediately suggest the cheeses' different flavours.

The top of the label, behind the leaf motif typical of the Val d'Apsa logo, carries the special ingredients of the cheese, listed in the same way as the contents of a box.

The font chosen for the names of the various cheeses is very "creative", flowing and artistic, in contrast with the font of the line's logo, which is geometrical and highly contemporary.

Now that we've described them in such detail, all you have to do is taste them....

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