A history of shared passion has bound us together for forty years.

In 2017, Caseificio Val d’Apsa celebrated its fortieth birthday.

As the emblem of this major anniversary for our family, we have chosen a pure wool thread, representing the ties that bind us together. This symbol represents a milestone that for us is simply a sign of continuity, because we see our work as a project open to the future, dedicated to protecting nature, to offer good, health foods with the commitment and intensity of a moral pleasure.

These are the values we wanted to share with the many people who joined us in celebrating this very special birthday last September. Partners, customers, suppliers, public figures, friends and family members, whose trust, commitment and extraordinary courage have helped to grow our business.

We can still clearly remember the uncertainty and fears of our beginnings, but also the confidence and pride that our know-how would create something fine and good. We have had great times and exciting moments. But even in the difficult times, we have always shown a stubborn determination and a strong family spirit, which has kept us united.

We have always taken responsibility for our work, undertaking to do a good job and do our best to create prosperity for everyone. In particular, we feel a profound sense of belonging to and identity with the community of which we are part, within which we want to keep growing, improving all the time, to create a better future for all.

Therefore, we would like once again to thank everyone who joined us in celebrating the end of the first phase of our history, at what we view as a new starting point, projecting Caseificio Val d'Apsa towards new, stimulating projects which still keep faith with tradition.



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